Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria;
Maternal Newborn and Child Health Initiative

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Our team

PRRINN-MNCH is managed by a national management team based in Kano, along with the four State Team Managers. The national team is best placed to listen to the needs of national level stakeholders and to develop with them approaches to programme challenges that are culturally sensitive and context specific. Our United Kingdom programme office provides contractual support. The Programme Management Board offers internal governance and oversight. Senior Technical Advisers provide extra technical support.

Programme Management Board (PMB)

The Programme Management Board provides support to the in-country management team and oversees internal governance of the programme.

Bryan Haddon is a health systems management analyst who specialises in the management, planning, appraisal and reform of the health sector. He has over 30 years experience in the sector and in the past decade has worked in Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. He is Executive Chairman of Health Partners International and was part of the Management Board and a Senior Technical Adviser for the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS), Nigeria (2002-2008).

Susan Grant is a specialist in humanitarian best practice interventions in the context of relief and development. Over the past two decades she has overseen change management processes, supervised multi-donor programmes and led processes of change management in different countries, in situations of emergency, transition and development. She has worked as Country Director for Save the Children in Liberia, and currently works in this role in Nigeria.

Ike Osakwe is a chartered accountant with over 25 years experience in financial management, organisational systems reviews, strategic and corporate planning, and accounting systems development. He is Managing Director of GRID Consulting, Nigeria. His experience includes providing financial management services for the Benue Health Fund Project in Nigeria (1999-2001), and being on the Management Board for the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS), Nigeria (2002-2008).


The in-country team is led by the National Programme Manager, Dr Ahmad Abdulwahab, and the Deputy National Programme Manager, Dr Solomon Mengiste.

Dr Ahmad Abdulwahab, specialises in public health, programme management and monitoring and evaluation. He has worked in the health sector for 14 years. Prior to becoming State Team Manager for Zamfara he was Director of Primary Health Care and Disease Control at the Yobe Ministry of Health (2005-2007).

Dr Solomon Mengiste,

National technical advisers

Amina Auta Midwifery Adviser
Anthony Aboda MNCH Adviser
Ben Anyene National Immunization Policy Adviser
Yusuf Yusufari Health Systems Management Adviser
Miniratu Soyoola Social Development and Community Engagement Adviser
Godwin Afenyadu Health Systems Research Manager
  Operations Research Adviser
Dije Gimba Communications Adviser
  Health Information Management Adviser


Each state has its own staff team which is led by a State Team Manager (STM) and includes State Programme Officers and LGA (Local Government Area) Engagement Officers as well as finance, logistics and support personnel.

Jigawa State Team Manager
Dr Ahmad Said

Katsina State Team Manager
Dr Musa Usman Matazu
played a leading role in the development of the integrated supportive supervision checklist (ISS), supported the establishment of the Eminent Persons Group and multiple training workshops in DHIS software in his capacity as PRRINN-MNCH Senior State Programme Officer. He was a Board Member (2004-2006) of the Federal Medical Centre in Katsina and has been involved in advocacy with the State Government.

Yobe State (Acting) Team Manager
Abdulaziz Mohammed
specializes in Development, Health Information Management and M&E. He has worked in the health sector in different capacities for over 23 years and has a wealth of experience working for many projects funded by the World Bank, UN organizations and USAID.

Zamfara State (Acting) Team Manager

Dr Sani Dahiru Abubakar

Senior Technical Advisers (STAs)

Our Senior Technical Advisers provide expert support and guidance in their respective fields throughout the life of the programme.

Dr Ahmed Gana (HERFON) Advocacy and change agents
Dr Andrew McKenzie (HPI) Health management systems
Anne McArthur (HPI) Vaccine management
Dr Anthony Klouda (SC UK) Demand creation and equity
Bryan Haddon (HPI) Governance
Cathy Green (HPI) Demand creation and equity
David Melody (SC UK) Public finance management
Ebenezer Ajimokunola (GRID) Financial management
Eric Swedburg (SC UK) Maternal, neonatal and child health
Prof Sally Findley (Columbia University) Operational research
Amrita Gill-Bailey (JHU-CCP) Behaviour change communications
Margaret Caffrey (LATH) Human resources
Michael Siebert (HPI) Human resources; health management systems
Nynke van den Broek (LATH) Maternal, neonatal and child health
Patrick Okonji (GRID) Public financial management
Dr Shehu Sule Governance
Simon Foot (HPI) Governance
Vincent Shaw (University of Oslo) Health Management Information Systems (HMIS); knowledge management

Implementing partners

PRRINN-MNCH is managed by a consortium led by Health Partners International, who run the programme's UK office, and also comprising GRID Consulting and Save the Children, International.

The programme also has several associate and network partners:

Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University (MSPH)
Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON)
John Hopkins University-Centre for Communications (JHU-CCP)
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
University of Oslo
Ahmadu Bello University