Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria;
Maternal Newborn and Child Health Initiative


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Technical Briefs

End of programme technical briefs: Sharing the lessons learned in Northern Nigeria 2006-2014 series

Governance and systems

Governance and systems Booklet (1.6MB PDF) Dec 2013
Addressing human resources for health services in Northern Nigeria (340KB PDF) Dec 2013
Retaining skilled birth attendants in Northern Nigeria (519KB PDF) Dec 2013
Bringing primary health care under one roof (608KB PDF) Dec 2013
Public financial management systems strengthening
(610KB PDF) Dec 2013
Influencing policy and fast tracking implementation
(283KB PDF) Dec 2013

Health service delivery

Health service delivery booklet (576KB PDF) Dec 2013
Reducing the gap between uptake of ANC and SBA (415KB PDF) Dec 2013

Community engagement
Community engagement booklet (1.5MB PDF) Dec 2013
Community interventions to improve MNCH access (375KB PDF) Dec 2013
Adjusting health strategies to include women and children with least social support (330KB PDF) Dec 2013
Community emergency transport schemes for prevention of maternal mortality (412KB PDF) Dec 2013
Working with volunteers to improve MNCH (554 KB PDF) Dec 2013
Young women's support groups: empowering young women and improving maternal health (395KB PDF) Dec 2013

Evidence for action

Evidence for action booklet (1MB PDF) Dec 2013
The Nahuche demographic and surveillance system (266KB PDF) Dec 2013
Baseline to endline changes in maternal outcomes
(492 KB PDF) Dec 2013
Changes in key MNCH outcomes (495KB PDF) Dec 2013

Technical Briefs 2006 -2012
Changes in Maternal and Child Health Care Behaviors
: Early evidence of the impact of community-based programs; September 2012

Engaging With Communities to Increase Demand for MNCH Services: Summary of Results from the Endline MNCH KAP Survey in Katsina, Yobe and Zamfara States, November 2011

Midterm Survey: Changes in Maternal and Child Health Care Behaviours: Early Evidence of the Impact of Community-Based Programmes, May 2012

Clustering of child mortality in Northern Nigeria – implications for policy and practice, May 2012

Inter –State Data Review Workshop (2009-2012), May 2012

Nahuche Health and Demographic Surveillance System: February 2012 Update

Variations in mortality estimates over time in Nigeria: explanations and implications for programme planning, April 2012

Physical Infrastructure Rehabilitation in PRRINN – MNCH programme; April 2012

Medical Equipment Improvement: From procurement to installation and utilisation in CEOC clusters May 2012