Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria;
Maternal Newborn and Child Health Initiative

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Programme aims

The aims of the programme are to help each state achieve the following:

  • Good care for maternity emergencies and fewer maternal deaths
  • 50% more women receiving antenatal care, with many more deliveries by skilled birth attendants
  • 60% of infants under 1 year fully immunized, so there is 80% less measles
  • Numerous health centres rehabilitated and working well, serving 50% more women and children
  • More trained health staff at health centres and hospitals
  • Greatly increased Nigerian and outside funding for primary health care - effectively used and controlled
  • Strong, integrated management of primary health care services – from state level down to grass-roots
  • Greater accountability and responsiveness to patients and communities
  • Effective collaboration between key state ministries, agencies and donors in health sector reforms
  • Practical and concrete federal support for primary health care
  • World-class operational research by Northern Nigerians, finding solutions for prioritised local problems.